Tuesday, 2 December 2008


I decided since I want this blog absolutely jam-packed with my all my (obviously!) wonderful work,
hehe, I should bring people up to speed with my old work, and everything I have done so far.
Okay... maybe not everything.. Lol.. that could take a while.
But various projects or pieces I have done in the past I am most proud of, or I feel is the most unique perhaps?

As I'd rather get these out the way, to make space for all my lovely new and current projects! :)

Okay so this is a collection of things from my three years at college, my first year at Bolton University, and various pieces I have done in my spare time. Comments Welcome!

These first three photographs are examples from one of my favourite projects I did, semi-based on a poem I had read in college, (Carol Ann Duffy - Warming her pearls.)

A short project focusing on light, shadows and body contours. In keeping with the poem, my images were completely concerned with lust, suggestion and a dark atmosphere. I took many photographs and had a whole series based on this, but as this is only a summarised version, I have just chosen to show these three.

Okay moving on..

Here we have, one of my large
scale collages, one of my favourite moving shot photographs, and one of my doodles ;)
I realise Im seriously only showing snippets of work, but otherwise ths blog would be huge... and I'd like to get around
to my current projects! :)

I have quite a large range of work, and styles I suppose...
But I'd have to say I think my heart lies with collage, and photography. The sheer endless creativity thats possible with collage, and the simplicity of sending out messages through photography, are my main focuses.
Inspirations such as Cindy Sherman,
David LaChapelle, Nobuyoshi Araki, Sally Jean Alexander, robert rauschenberg and Patrick Boyer (to only name a few), are some of my most important influences. I absolutely adore their work, and everything they represent and stand for.
If I could one day have work even a fifth as good as I consider theirs to be, I'll be content. :)

So okay thats my quick recap of my favourite work... and just a general brief of what I'm interested in.

Next blog up soon, with my current projects and pieces :)
Also, Im thinking of setting up a blog with ideas for new projects,
a mixture of different and imaginitive breifs set.
I'd love if people could let me know what they would like me to try next?
Or maybe do one of the projects themselves! And comment me with links to the results?!
That would be awesome. I'd love to see different outcomes from the same project breifs. :)

Anyway, let me know what you would think!

Jemma x

Monday, 1 December 2008

Spilling out my Moments.

These are not shown in order, unfortunately everytime I tried I messed up with that... Sorry!

But these images show a little collage scrapbook I made a long time ago,
but still treasure just as much now.
The ideas behind this were simple, I took my personal diary, and focused on some of the most interesting/unusual/thought provoking/controversial thoughts I had wrote about, and decided to try represent these feelings through collage.

The results are as shown.
I absolutely loved this project, and found it to be some of my most personal and involved work yet. Each page throughout this book shows a different, unique side to my personality, according to what I was feeling at that exact space in time.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, please leave comments! :)
thanks xx

First Blog!

Okay so, my first blog! :) This might take a while to get into, but hopefully I'll be an expert soon enough...

I'm hoping to use this blog in a really creative way, as a narrative for my everyday life, I suppose. I'd love to be able to write about what I'm doing, thinking, feeling, hoping etc. and to use this as a sort of online diary, as well as uploading my work regularly.

I hope I can get lots of feedback! :) Any constructive criticism is completely welcomed! Also, I'd love recommendations of any blogs/work you think I'd be interested in? Or if you think we're on the same wavelength creatively, tell me! I'm always on the lookout for new things to be inspired by !

Okay I'm going to go now, further my exploration of the Art world, in hopes of making a difference somewhere along the line.... even just a little bump ? Lol. Please do comment, and let me know somebody is reading! :)

There's no retirement for an artist, it's your way of living so there's no end to it."
- Bono.